Corey was born in New Orleans, but has always called the Northshore home. Before entering the landscaping field, he was drawn to the hospitality and construction industries. No matter the field, he’s always taken pride in his work and a job well done. He is continuously shown a strong work ethic, something he learned from his parents. Landscaping offers him instant gratification when looking back at a freshly cut lawn or a completed landscape project. Corey is very customer satisfaction driven, and will work hard until the customer is happy!


Memories of my childhood usually always have nature as a backdrop. Long days were spent exploring in the wooded areas next to the family home, or our family property in south Mississippi. My greatest joy in life is my beautiful daughter Grace. She is the sweetest and most loving person I’ve ever met, and I'm truly honored to call myself her father. When I'm not working, I enjoy good food and good times with family and friends. I enjoy Southeast Louisiana for the native cuisine and football. I am a devoted member of the WHO DAT nation.