Drainage Systems
in Mandeville, Covington, and Madisonville, LA

WillowGrove Landscape creates outdoor environments that are optimal for the success of your turf. Our process starts with a thorough soil analysis carrying on to soil amendments, proper elevation corrections, proper soil installation and the final step is fresh sod. WillowGrove Landscape turns your vision into reality.

Landscape Drain Systems by WillowGrove Landscape

Catch Basin Drainage

Catch basins or inlets, surface drains, used in conjunction with a drain pipe system will remove large amounts of surface water from an affected area. These are typically used in low areas of turf landscapes, hardscapes, driveways, and parking lots. They are traditionally available in sizes from 3” round to 48” square and different materials including concrete, brick, and plastic basins, cast iron, steel, brass and plastic grates.

Landscape Drain Systems by WillowGrove Landscape

French Drain Systems

French drains, a form of subsurface drain, utilizes a buried perforated pipe installed in a gravel bed with a filter sock or geotextile fabric envelope lining the trench. Water from the surrounding soil enters the gravel bed, flows into the drain pipe and utilizes gravity to flow towards the discharge point. French drains are the most common method for evacuating excess ground water which has infiltrated into the soil.

Landscape Drain Systems by WillowGrove Landscape

Sub-Surface Drainage

Drainage systems that are located under ground and concerned with removing water that percolates through or is contained in the underlying subgrade. This water, typically the result of a high water table or exceptionally wet weather, can accumulate under the pavement structure by two chief means: Gravity flow.

Landscape Drain Systems by WillowGrove Landscape

Culvert/Yard Enclosure

A culvert is a transverse and fully enclosed drainage structure that runs under a road or portion of land. Culverts can be installed under flat work, gravel or dirt to allow water to pass under an obstruction.



We believe that building stronger environments builds stronger communities while promoting healthier lifestyles for everyone to enjoy. We strive to build and maintain the highest quality landscapes that provide an inviting escape from hectic everyday life.

Our Proven Process


1. Consultation

Before your landscape dreams become reality, we will meet and become familiar with you, your ideas and your vision. At this time, we also take precise measurements and gather pertinent site information that help us understand what elements your site offers.


2. Concept

This is the exciting part where you get to see an illustrated version of your ideas as well as the estimated cost of the project. We discuss the project in great detail and listen to any additional requests that you may have.


3. Modify & Develop

After the conceptual drawing and estimate are reviewed, we collaborate to make any necessary revisions to ensure that your vision is brought to life.


4. Final Plans

The final concept will be presented with a detailed estimate, breakdown of timing projections and a list of plants and materials.


5. Build

This is the part where your dreams become a vivid reality. As a team, we take you step by step through each phase of the construction process. We believe that your ultimate satisfaction is how we make a difference through enhancing lifestyles.


"Matt is honest, dependable, courteous, a good communicator, hard worker and achieves good results and delivers all expectations. He and his crew go out of their way to please our homeowners and they are always there to listen to their concerns. Matt demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and expertise within his field. In addition, he is dedicated to his family and work. I can with confidence and without hesitation recommend Matt Knick and WillowGrove Landscape for your favorable consideration."

Yvette R.